I thrive and have a track record in early stage ventures, both commercial and social. 

I co-founded New Zealand's premier user experience company, Optimal Usability and expanded into Australia under Optimal Experience. Both companies have been recently acquired and are now operating as PriceWaterHouseCoopers Digital.

I turn ideas into action.

I use design thinking, internet technology and the principles of business to solve problems and create new things. I subscribe to various ways of getting things done, but in reality I've noticed reality is generally messy.

Sam is an extraordinary innovator and entrepreneur, with great experience in start ups and in technology. His success as an entrepreneur has allowed him to support civil society organisations to improve their impact. He has shown great flexibility, creativity, and collaboration in our work together. As an outstanding networker, he has pulled a great variety of people into our project, creating many formal partnerships, as well as creating a very positive buzz in the local tech community [in Cambodia]. He is a breath of fresh air in the development world.

Great people. So much enjoyment is tied up with working alongside good people. I only work with people I respect and trust. It helps that we can have fun together.

Autonomy. I am given the right level of freedom and authority to make decisions.