How I work

In my work, I must have:

Great people. So much enjoyment is tied up with working alongside good people. I only work with people I respect and trust. It helps that we can have fun together.

Inquisitive minds. Priority is given to "What if" before "But how" questions. We plan around failure rather than try to eliminate it.

Autonomy. I am given the right level of freedom and authority to make decisions. 

Influence. Opportunities exist for me to lead and personally make a difference. 

Purpose. There is a clear and meaningful direction that improves the lives of a large number of people. I believe whole heartedly in why we're doing what we're doing.

Tangible results. I need to be able to trace my efforts to tangible and satisfying results. 

Flexibility. I live in rural New Zealand and while I do travel, I intend to work remotely most of the time. 

It helps to have: 

A high change environment. I work better in a fast paced, constantly changing environment that values adaptation over rigid processes.

Potential for exponential scale. Everything starts small, but having the fundamentals and ambition of scale in mind inspires me.

Seniority and a contribution to strategy. I would like to think that my experience and ability to see the big picture can contribute to good long term decisions.