What I do

I turn ideas into action.

I use design thinking, internet technology and the principles of business to solve problems and create new things. I subscribe to various ways of getting things done, but in reality I've noticed reality is generally messy.

As a deep generalist, I am seldom the technical expert. I work as the facilitator to turn the complex mix of ideas, people, resources and constraints into something real. I cannot guarantee outcomes, but I back my ability to solve problems. 

Sometimes the end result of all this are businesses or projects. At other times, it's a partnership or ongoing experiments. I finish what I do when it's clear there are people more suited to improving on what I've started.

Over the years, my top strengths have consistently been identified as: Strategic, Ideation, Futuristic, Achiever and Input. These compliment my entrepreneurial talents that have been described as someone relational with traits of Disruptor, Selling, Relationship and Knowledge.