What others say about me

Greta Greathouse, Chief of Party of Development Innovations

Sam is an extraordinary innovator and entrepreneur, with great experience in start ups and in technology. His success as an entrepreneur has allowed him to support civil society organisations to improve their impact. He has shown great flexibility, creativity, and collaboration in our work together. As an outstanding networker, he has pulled a great variety of people into our project, creating many formal partnerships, as well as creating a very positive buzz in the local tech community [in Cambodia]. He is a breath of fresh air in the development world.

Trent Mankelow, Chief Product officer at Trademe

I’ve worked alongside Sam in various guises. I’ve founded four companies and one incorporated society with Sam. I own property with him, have flatted with him, and am Godfather to his daughter. So I feel I’m uniquely qualified to say that he is one of the most innovative people that I know. He has an infectious energy for exploring new ideas, but unlike most ‘big ideas’ people he actually gets things done. He is also a man of great character and integrity – he makes me think. I thoroughly enjoy the friendship I share with Sam, and would recommend him to anyone.

Andrew Mayfield, CEO at Optimal Workshop

Sam is an ideas-to-action man. He is brilliant at taking an idea and running with it long enough to know if it can fly by itself. Constantly searching for a way to do things better, Sam has what it takes to find out how.

Now and then I run across a person who really has a heart from helping to make this a better world. Sam is one of these rare people. Add to this the fact that he has brilliant ideas and a real ability to bring them to life and you have the perfect combination. Sam is a visionary, a mobilizer and a humanitarian.